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Oh the drama!

Seriously, I have the most dramatic child. Here are some of the things he has come out with this week. Son: “mummy, you HAVE to play with me!!!” Me: “I just did. We played chess.” Son: “not that kind of … Continue reading

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Why is it so hard to be honest?

In many of things I’ve read about raising children and particularly children who have issues like ADHD or ASD etc, I’ve encountered the same theories about why these children lie a lot. I’m pretty sure I agree that my son … Continue reading

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What to do when you are talking to ‘Anxiety’?

Well, this week was our first week of getting into extra curricular activities with other actual people. Trampoline went quite well on Monday. Yes, he argued and even got a little rude with the teacher, but she was able to … Continue reading

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