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Sunday is NOT a school night!!

I had written quite a lot of a completely different blog subject already tonight, but fortunately I had to put my son to bed before I finished it and while sitting in the dark quietly I was able to reflect … Continue reading

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You know how some people are quick thinkers and some people are not? I am a quick thinker. Most of the time anyway. Some may find my grammar and spelling would suggest that I am not particularly well educated or … Continue reading

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Something to Write

When I had the idea of writing a blog, one of my main reasons was to make myself sit at the computer and write something every day. It is like the computer is expecting me to do it, and will … Continue reading

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Playdate Pandemonium

My little boy had a school mate over this afternoon for what we in Sydney seem to be calling ‘play dates’. The little boy who came over is from my son’s ‘special needs’ school and is one year older than … Continue reading

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Swings and roundabouts…Why is change so difficult?

Although my son did stay at school today for 2.5 hrs, which is an improvement for Mondays at his ‘integration’ school, and although he did go to his martial arts class and pass his grading to get his next belt, … Continue reading

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Here comes the rain again!

Right, it’s now been raining for 4 days solid where I live. Serious, hard, flooding rain. My house is at the bottom of my garden and my garden is sloped. While I am lucky that whoever built this house (rather … Continue reading

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It’s all our fault

I had lunch with a friend today. She makes me laugh and I’m pretty sure I make her laugh too. We are so very different and yet we have so many similarities in our thought processes. Today as we discussed … Continue reading

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