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And suddenly I’m a singer!

It’s known by many of you who have followed my blog that a few years ago I started doing a school of rock programme. This programme led me to start my own band (Bits ‘N Pieces) and on Tuesday night … Continue reading

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What’s with that?

I don’t post much these days, too busy doing other stuff I guess! Like stopping my 22 month old from falling down every five seconds and smacking his face on stuff! Seriously, this kid just lurches around the joint and … Continue reading

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A long journey

WordPress reminded me today that it’s been FIVE years since I first started writing here. Wow. Five? Crazy. I can’t believe we’ve been sharing this journey with our 10 year old son for that long. It made me think I … Continue reading

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This gallery contains 11 photos.

Originally posted on dogs of sydney:
“Moppett is a 6 year old Groodle who was very carefully chosen as a companion pet for our eldest son who is on the autism spectrum. My husband and I were not officially ‘dog’…

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Oh the drama!

Seriously, I have the most dramatic child. Here are some of the things he has come out with this week. Son: “mummy, you HAVE to play with me!!!” Me: “I just did. We played chess.” Son: “not that kind of … Continue reading

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A quickie so you know I’m still alive!

Eeek! I haven’t done a post for so long I’m beginning to wonder whether I even know how to write any more! We’ve had a lot of exciting stuff going on around here. My son went on his first group … Continue reading

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Decisions, decisions

The other night someone made a comment on of my posts that really got me thinking. Well actually, I had already been thinking about this already, but the comment kind forced me to REALLY start thinking if you know what … Continue reading

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