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Self Image

Ones self image is a very interesting thing. It’s a subject that is talked about a lot in the media, especially in relation to teens, with consideration for eating disorders and other dysfunctions associated with bad self image or low … Continue reading

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Something a little exciting!

Hey everyone!  Check out my first published article! Yes, a cool Aussie website wanted me to write for them! – You can find my article on homeschooling on the family page! Woo hoo!

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Think outside the square…

We had such a lovely but tiring weekend this weekend. We finished up a big project that we’ve been involved in for the last couple of months. (The secret one I’ve been hinting at but still can’t tell you about … Continue reading

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Whoo hoo!

Whoo hoo! So guess what? I had my audition to join The School of Rock show. Obviously the topic of my post gives it away, but they liked my singing and are excited to have me in the show! I … Continue reading

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I wanna hold your hand

Just a quick post about something that has started happening this week with my son. Something so small and normal, but that many parents with kids like mine might understand is quite an achievement.  My son has never liked holding … Continue reading

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