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‘Mothers’ Play review

Check out my review of the new theatre piece called ‘Mothers’. Opens in May so get your tickets! live  

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School Holidays – Week one down

Well, it’s Easter Sunday. The boys have gone on a long bike ride after hunting for eggs this morning. Despite the fact that my son doesn’t believe in the Easter Bunny, he was still really excited about Easter and asked … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

Me: “your hair looks really good today” Son:”yeah sometimes I just wake up with really good bed hair!”

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A plethora of penguins for the bun nazi.

My son loves penguins, he always has. Right now he’s right into a series called “The Penguins of Madagascar”. It’s a spin-off series from the movies. There are four penguins in the troup of special agent type penguin characters, and … Continue reading

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Finding time/losing time

I feel like I haven’t written a post for ages. I also know I haven’t contributed an article to Discordia for ages, and I feel pretty slack about that. The thing is that at the moment for some reason, I … Continue reading

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New Article on Discordia about a new production in Sydney for Mothers

Check out my pre-show article about this new production. I would really recommend that if you are in Sydney and you like issue based theatre, you should get some tickets and check this one out. Anyone who would like to … Continue reading

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