Oh the drama!

Seriously, I have the most dramatic child. Here are some of the things he has come out with this week.

Son: “mummy, you HAVE to play with me!!!”

Me: “I just did. We played chess.”

Son: “not that kind of playing. You need to play pretends with me.”

Now, I don’t know what parents of other kids do, but I believe that around the age of four or five, most kids move on to playing those pretend games like cars, planes, vets, mums and dads, with their peers. Mine sort of skipped that and still wants us to play it. And. I just. Can’t. Do. It. Anymore!!!!! I can’t! He’s nine. I’ve been doing it for years. Sorry but he has to suck it up and deal because I refuse. I will play chess, board games, watch movies with him, talk to him, cook with him, walk and bike ride with him, play cricket and many other things, but I won’t do pretends! 

Me: “no sweetie. I have to get this washing done.”

Son:”ugh! That’s it! I am leaving this house! I have nothing left in life. There is no one to play with and I have no toys so I might as well just leave.”

Me: “That’s a shame that you feel that way. I hope you find something to do.”

He did of course, but the request to play with him still comes about forty times a day.

Tonight, he came inside sweaty and very dirty from jumping on the trampoline and rolling around the yard. He sat next to me and I noticed that he had multiple band aids that he was about to open and put on. I told him he couldn’t use band aids for mozzie bites and that he needed to have a shower first anyway because he was filthy. His legs were black! 

Son: “no! I’m not having a shower!”

Me: “yes, you are. You can’t sit on the lounge or go to bed with all that sweat and dirt. Go on, off you go, then I’ll put some stuff on your itchy bites.”

Son: “arghh! I hate it! Why should I do what you say after what you did!?” (Upon asking, I found out that what I did was to disallow the use of four hundred bandaids….)

His dad called out from the Loungeroom to stop arguing and get in the shower. Off he went stomping and moaning. His dad then reminded him to take a towel with him.

Son:”Why? Why should I dry MYSELF?!”

That caused me to crack up laughing. Really? Why should he dry himself? He still wants one of us to dry him most days. He’s nine!!!! And then, just because he’s a boy, we reminded him to use soap. And then, after he got out and I asked him if he had used soap?

Son:”oh! Bum I forgot!” 

Sigh. Drama. I’m tired now. And soon I’ll have two boys! 🙂

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