The photograph conundrum.

We needed to bring our much neglected treadmill back into the house recently due to my exercise opportunities being basically nill and my back getting sore due to lack of any muscles!

Yes we do walk to the park and back almost every day, but with a two year old toddling along it’s a slow process. And when he’s tired, it means I walk back carrying him, his trike and holding the dog’s lead! That is a workout let me tell you, but not terribly consistent or good for me!

To fit the torture contraption into our weenie house, we had to move the computer desk to be facing my armchair in the lounge room. This now means that when I’m sitting on my chair in the evenings (yes, right about when I’m supposed to be on the treadmill), I get the pleasure of watching the screensaver scroll through all the pictures on our computer. It’s so lovely actually. The thing I don’t like is when it comes up to a scanned document and displays that and I can’t skip past it!

I remembered that quite a lot of years ago, we bought a digital photo frame for my mother in law, and that got me wondering what they were like these days. Back then they were a little clunky and difficult to load and only held about 10 photos that it scrolled through!

A bit of a search led me to discover that these days, your Digital frames can group and store your pics for you and they even know how to recognise the people you take pics of most!  You can gesture at it to skip pictures, and most awesome of all? You can take photos on your phone and send them straight to the Frame!

How cool is that?!  I reckon I know what I’m getting both sets of grandparents for Christmas this year!

This one frame also has a new option that finds all the pics of your pets and displays them. That immediately got me thinking about a Facebook group I’m part of where everyone is a mad crazy Groodle lover and they constantly post pics of their beautiful pups. I’d be willing to bet a frame that finds their pet photos and ground and displays those would go down a treat!

I actually spend a lot of time thinking about my photos because I have many in frames around the house, but they are all quite out dated as of course most of the photos we’ve taken in the last 10 years have been digital on our phones, and we never get around to printing them or making a photo book.

So hopefully I can save up a bit of money between now and Christmas, and get three of these frames so we can all enjoy the funny and beautiful pics I take every day!

Here are some of the pics that will definitely be going in my digital frame!

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