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Babies be Crazy!

Well you all know we have this beautiful little 17 month (today!) old baby. I say baby, because compared to our Mr 10 at this age, he really is a baby. By 16mths, our older son was already talking clearly … Continue reading

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There is still kindness in the world!

Well some of you may remember a few weeks ago I had a bit whinge about not being able to get my son into a trampolining programme…anywhere. Due to his inability to sit and listen and follow instructions it was … Continue reading

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I wanna hold your hand

Just a quick post about something that has started happening this week with my son. Something so small and normal, but that many parents with kids like mine might understand is quite an achievement.  My son has never liked holding … Continue reading

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A Word On Weakness

I haven’t posted anything for what seems to me like ages! We’ve been busy trying to socialise more, and my son also seems to be extremely argumentative with school work at the moment, which leaves me exhausted at the end … Continue reading

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Maths at home and other topics

Well, his first week of mainstream school didn’t go very well. He only had to do three days as they didn’t start until Tuesday, and Wednesday was a public holiday in Australia. He has definitely improved as he no longer … Continue reading

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Any attention is good attention?

Last night, we got a bit of insight into our son’s inner mental workings. As you can see by the title, it had to do with his thought processes surrounding how to get the attention he needs. It has all … Continue reading

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