Quote of the week, and keeping kids in check

We are all sick at the moment. I have a headache and sore throat with minor snot, Mr 9 has major snot and a sore throat, (but ADHD is irrepressible regardless of illness) the baby has snot and terrible conjunctivitis. Errgh.

I decided that we really had to venture out to the shops this afternoon to get more tissues and milk, as well as some saline solution to keep washing the baby’s eye out. We made it a quick one and we were all in our daggiest outfits…quite the picture of ‘white trash’ I assure you, in our trackies and ugg boots with red noses, un-brushed hair and a baby with green goop sticking his eye together!

In the store we gathered our few bits and headed to the check out. A little boy about 4 years old wandered in front of the trolley Mr 9 was pushing.

Mr 9: “Hey! Careful. Don’t walk in front of trolleys! That’s dangerous!”

The boy stopped, looked at him and then stepped right in front of the trolley again! Mr 9 gasped and stopped moving the trolley and glared at the child (rightly so..).

They boy stared back at Mr 9 and then walked forward and pushed the trolley away from himself! Uh Oh… I gathered myself for the inevitable storm. I nervously looked around for the boy’s parents. His mother was behind us in the line with her pram. She seemed unconcerned so I took a breath and crossed my fingers.

The boy moved back towards his mother, but not without poking his tongue out at Mr 9 on his way past! Eeek! To my son’s credit, he didn’t slam the trolley into the child. Nor did he try to trip the child over as he walked past or anything. He was however, very vocal about how horrible the child was and how stupid both he and his Mother were. The mother gathered her child and moved to another line. I tried to placate Mr 9 by assuring him that yes, I agreed the child was obnoxious, but no harm was done and no further action needed to be taken.  He continued to loudly complain about the boy’s behaviour and how he was now being bought treats at the check out and how he was lucky because he had a big toy car in his arms, but his behaviour was terrible. Then he started to say that he was going to go and talk to the mother because it was completely unacceptable.

I managed to calm him down and kind of guide him past the offending child and his mother while pointing out to him that while the child’s behaviour was not great, it wasn’t really any of his business to go and tell his Mother about it or make a fuss. He was very determined to go back and say something and kept looking behind as we walked away! That was our shopping adventure for the day!

Quote of the day:

There was an ad on TV for one of those shows where they ask kids questions and the kids give cute or funny answers. The presenter asked one kid “what is love?” and the kid replied, “do you mean what is it made of?”.

Mr 9 looked up from what he was doing and said in a scoffing voice.

“It’s made of chemicals!” Then under his breath a bit, “Oh and probably a lot of imagination.”


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