Words I hate hearing…

I have a brief respite from being Mummy right now. Why? The baby is asleep and the nine year old is making his first ever youtube video. Yes, you read that right. Oh how it pains me. He’s on his X-Box, (that we recently purchased second hand) playing Minecraft. He has set up our video camera pointing at the screen and he’s giving a running commentary of what he’s doing. It’s making me laugh. He just said, “If you could smash that like button and subscribe so I can earn a bit of money and upgrade from this crappy video camera. I’m just a Noob, I don’t really know what I’m doing and I know nothing about how to put his on Youtube, but don’t turn it off if you haven’t already.” Or something like that! Too funny.

He’s just generally gab gab gabbing and it’s hilarious. Well… to me anyway. Right back to what I wanted to post!

At the moment, there are a number of things that annoy me hugely as soon as I hear them. Lack of sleep probably has a lot to do with it, but I have to say that when I hear the following, I tend to kind of lose my blob, which is not my usual response!

1. “Mummy!” – Yeah, I know, there is really nothing I can do about this one, but let me tell you that when you are tired, and all you do all day is feed, wash bottles, make food, wash dishes, wash clothes, change nappies, answer questions, and then repeat all that again, hearing this word can make you seriously lose it! This word is often followed by some other things that send me over the edge!

2. “Guess what?!” – Sigh, I really hate this one. I usually answer with a gentle “what?”. Sometimes it becomes a quick angry snappish “What?!@” Other times it is uttered with a resigned sigh. I asked him why he keeps asking me to “Mummy, guess what?” when the next thing out of his mouth usually, “nothing” or “I’m hungry” or “look at this thing on Minecraft”. Clearly, he doesn’t really want me to guess anything! Or perhaps because I know what the top three things coming next are, he asks me to guess because I’m usually right! Anyway, when asked, his response was,

“I don’t know, I think I’m just bored.” That leads me into my number three thing I hate to hear.

3. “I’m bored!” – I usually reply with, “OK, go and read a book, do some schoolwork, learn something, build something, do colouring in, make up a story, play a game, jump on the trampoline, daydream, have a nap..” The list is actually never ending, yet somehow, despite all of these things, boredom still strikes him down with dramatic and infuriating regularity.

4. “I think I have depression.” Pardon? Yep, he actually says that. Yesterday he insisted that he has depression because he was so mad and upset and it was the worst day in the world. EVER. “Why?” I asked with concern, “What makes you feel like that do you think?”

Mr 9: “I can’t tame a horse on Minecraft! You are probably going to ask me to do some schoolwork soon! I never go anywhere or do anything! I hate being here.”

Me: “Well, I can understand the not going anywhere thing, that is depressing I guess. Let’s go to social group tomorrow after trampoline. You can show off your new baby brother to everyone.”

Mr 9: “No, I hate going to social group. All the other kids are horrible. They only play with me for about three seconds and then they run off and do other stuff.”

That conversation went on for quite a while believe me. I did the whole explaining that he can’t control the kids and the game, and has to follow them and do other stuff sometimes too. Anyway, the end result was that he absolutely did not want to go to social group… or the museum… or the park, or for that matter, ANY of the interesting places I offered him so that he can GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! Yeah yeah I know it’s his anxiety, but honestly, what else can I do for him?! It’s not easy getting a four week old baby out of the house with all the paraphernalia you need! I would do it though, so that he gets out in the world and doesn’t feel trapped at home. I would take him to all the amazing homeschool group activities organised in our area. We could do something interesting, educational and social almost every day if only he would do it!

And, my final thing I hate to hear?

“You never let me do anything I want! I always have to do everything around here!” – I’m good at ignoring this one for the most part, but sometimes I respond with a tirade about all the boring things I have to do repetitively all day every day. I don’t think he cares 😉

I guess I better go and sort out the bottles now before the baby wakes up! And probably make some more food for Mr 9… and think about what’s for dinner and whether we have the ingredients for it. Oh dear, can you tell I’m bored by how boring my subjects for blogging are?!

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