Big Plans for Little Brother

Upon just hearing that Duchess Kate just gave birth to a little girl… a princess… Mr 9 comes in while I’m changing a nappy.

Son: Mummy, do royal people have to marry other royals? Or are they allowed to choose who they marry?

Me: They can marry who they want to.

Son: Even a foreigner?

Me: Yes, even a foreigner. Why?

Son: Well, a baby princess was just born today and my little brother is just a few weeks older than her. So he could marry her and he will be royal!

Me: Yes, that’s true, you never know!

Son: approaching to stroke his brother’s head. “Well, I’ll make sure that his hair is always combed straight and neat and cut short then. He’ll be very handsome, so he can marry a princess. And he’ll be smart too.”

Awwww…. so cute. I love that he’ll make sure his brother’s hair is neat and cut short! Have you seen Mr 9’s hair?! He refuses to let us near it with either scissors or even a brush! I’m lucky if I can get him to wash it a couple of times a week!

20150107_134913 (1024x576)

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