And… he’s here!

Well, I haven’t written for what seems like a million years, and although I have so many things to tell you all about how my son (number 1) has handled all the changes in the last few months and various experiences both bad and good and how we’ve handled them, I find myself with only ten minutes before I round up the troops and head off to trampoline class!

I have very likely lost all my readers through lack of posting, but I thought I’d do a super fast update for those who are still interested.

On April the 9th we welcomed our son (number 2) into the world at 2:30 in the afternoon. He weighed a respectable 2.9kgs (6 pounds, 4 ounces) and was 53cm long. Babies are quite often crinkly and weird looking with misshapen heads. Mine however, is beautiful of course. I’m not the only one who thinks so! The midwives kept saying they thought he was a girl because he is so ‘pretty’. The really great thing is that he’s a calm and happy little thing.

Yes, 3 hourly feeding is hard work, especially when it takes an hour or more to actually do the feeding. I feel like I can’t really get anything done at all, so everything is in a mess. Now that my husband has returned to work, I feel like there is even less time to get things done, and that I’m really ignoring son number 1.

The birth itself was pretty quick. 1hr and 25 minutes. Even the midwives were a bit shocked at how fast I progressed from just small and inconsistently spaced contractions to strong contractions only a minute apart. I did end up with second degree tearing, but all in all it was a ‘good’ experience. I didn’t have any pain relief except a bit of the gas and air on the lowest setting just for the most strong contractions. That means that I have a really clear memory of everything that happened in the room and was aware and lucid the whole time which is really great. Hopefully over the next few weeks, I’ll get around to posting a bit more on the behaviour of son number 1 and give my followers some insight into how the birth of a sibling has affected a kid with anxiety disorder. For now though, here is the new little fella 🙂

20150410_171215-1 20150413_094431 20150413_100129 20150415_182936 20150417_123421

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2 Responses to And… he’s here!

  1. karen hardie says:

    He is beautiful guys!! Congratulations again

  2. twainausten says:

    Congratulations! Exciting days!

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