New School Year, New Start

Well, the new school year has begun here in Australia. We of course, will still be homeschooling, but this year, I’m going to try and change things up a little bit. On one hand I’m getting a little tougher with him. I’ve told him he WILL be doing some writing this year, and that I am not interested in his whinging. He will do what I ask and accept what work I give to him. I’ve also explained though that the whole curriculum will be a lot looser and hopefully more interesting for him, with little structure and more spontaneous and natural learning.

So far, he’s happily read through a Dinosaur related identification book and written some notes about different dinosaurs. His handwriting can definitely use a bit of work, but that’s OK. We really need to find some new ways of getting into spelling and maths without worksheets, sight words or rote learning so I’m the track of a few good programmes suggested to me by other Homeschoolers, which I’m excited to give a try. We’ve got quite a few fun excursions planned for the start of the year to museums and other exhibitions. They aren’t with groups, but I’ve got that covered too. I’m planning to get him to two new social groups this year in the hope that he’ll get more exposure and practice and stop feeling like he’s lonely.

Of course he is still very frustrating. I am doing all this work and organising and driving him here and there while heavily pregnant because he told me he feels lonely and that all he does all day is stay at home. However…when I organise stuff and say ‘come on lets go to this!’, he just complains and says he doesn’t want to go anywhere! I am making him go this year. Sometimes it will work out and sometimes it won’t, but all I can do is try!

Daddy has pretty much finished the storage shed he needed to build me so I can empty out the spare room to make room for the baby. Yay! Just a few finishing touches and we can start sorting stuff into it! I’m excited to get in there and start setting up the baby room, although it will be hard work now that I’m bigger and get tired more easily.

Only 11 weeks to go before the baby gets here though, and that’s pretty exciting!

So, I’ll keep you all up to date on how our excursions go and what good learning stuff we get up throughout this year. 😉

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