Final quotes of the week for 2014

“I’ve tried to think about how to change my future! But I’m just going to end up in jail!” 😦

Awww that’s a sad one…dramatic…but sad. He said that after being in trouble yet again today. He had been asked four times to do something. He kept mucking around. I could see Daddy getting increasingly close to bursting so I issued the ‘Enough is enough’ warning. Unfortunately, the boy didn’t heed that warning and continued mucking around. He got in trouble, ended up in tears again, and we had to have a whole half hour discussion about listening and doing as you are told!

But we’ll end 2014 on a cute one.

I just said that I’d like to play Glee Wii (a singing game on the Wii console).

Son: “Yay! Glee Wii! Do some music for us Mummy! Hey! I guess that’s why Mummy starts with M! Music and Mummy!”


Happy New Year Everyone One! xxxxx

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2 Responses to Final quotes of the week for 2014

  1. twainausten says:

    We were wii dancers on new years eve!

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