Too much thinking is bad for you

Well, as we approach the end of yet another year, I have had a lot on my mind. Naturally, we are all bursting with curiosity as to the gender of our new baby, but we just have to wait a couple more weeks, and then we can finally find out. We would all really love to have a little girl, but as with most people, we will be happy to have whatever we get, as long as it’s healthy and happy ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m approaching the end of the Motown School of Rock programme now, with our Dress Rehearsal show coming up on Friday….eeek! This one has gone along a bit slower than usual and there are many songs where the band just doesn’t have it together yet, so it will be interesting to say the least. Hopefully, with one more rehearsal tomorrow night, we’ll somehow, miraculously pull it together!

I’ve also been getting on with my university degree this study period, and am approaching the end of this ‘Creative and Professional Writing’ unit. One more unit starting on the 7th of December and then I’ve finally completed all the first level subjects for the Bachelor of Arts in Literature. Yay! I’ve learnt a lot in this unit actually, and although I haven’t had the amount of time I would have liked to spend writing and practicing what I’ve learnt, I have a lot of great stuff to think about. I was also surprised the other day to receive an email saying that I’ve qualified for a Commonwealth Supported Place for the degree through Open Universities. Basically it just means I can officially register for the degree and the fee is waived, plus I will be eligible to put the fees for the course on HECS (which is a delayed payment system through the Australian Taxation Office). I qualified because all the units I’ve studied so far have received Distinction or High Distinction marks. I think the one I’m doing at the moment, the best I’ll get is a Credit because I just haven’t spent the amount of time on it that I should have. Now, while this is a great thing, it’s also scary. So far, I’ve just been picking up one unit at a time whenever I feel I can manage it. If I accept the place, I have to do at least one, preferably two units each study period, even though I’ll still be registered as a part time student. That could start getting tricky next year with a new baby. Lots to think about!

Of course the main time consuming endeavour in my life right now though is our son. While, he is still improving all the time, there are still moments of extreme anger from him, albeit nowhere near as strong or as often as in the past. He also is a lot less likely to follow through on his violent threats these days, which helps! The main concern at the moment is how hard it is to get him to do anything that resembles school work. I’m getting much better at allowing him to learn naturally and just following his interests, but as a person who likes to do their learning from books, and cement that learning by writing it down, I find it really hard not to want to make him do the occasional bit of writing and answering of questions in a workbook. I’ve also read that it’s really important for learning and brain development that children sit down and physically write with a pencil on paper, so I don’t like that he only likes to type or listen or watch to learn things.

To be fair though, he is a really great reader for his age, both independently and reading out loud, and he definitely understands and retains what he reads. I have noticed though, that when he watches a documentary or a Youtube clip, he really retains a lot more of that information than if he has read it. It’s a tricky thing this homeschooling!

Tomorrow we are driving out to who-knows-where to a homeschooling family who run a thing called ‘Farmschool’, where we will be spending the day learning about Dam health and Water bugs with a group of other kids. I think he will really enjoy that, as they have very knowledgeable people teaching the kids all that stuff and they actually get to see it all in action and be outdoors and doing things while they are learning, which is perfect for ADHD brains! I’ll try and give a nice update of that sometime next week.

For now, it’s off to do some uni reading, while my boys are our playing Putt Putt golf together ๐Ÿ™‚

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