There is still kindness in the world!


Well some of you may remember a few weeks ago I had a bit whinge about not being able to get my son into a trampolining programme…anywhere. Due to his inability to sit and listen and follow instructions it was deemed unsafe for him to try such an activity. While I did completely understand where they were coming from I was still frustrated at the exclusion my son faced when his physical body and intelligent mind are up to or beyond his peers. Anyway.. I digress. Guess what?! Well I’m going to tell you.

I received the most heart warming email about a week or two after I had made the inquiries at the sports center/gym. One of the coaches there had been talking to the fellow I had emailed originally, and she remembered the documentary and my son. She also  has a son who is gifted and sensorally (don’t know if that’s a word!) sensitive. She told me she knows how hard it is for kids like that to participate in a group activity and that she felt it would actually be really stressful for my son as well as just that it’s hard on the coaches and other kids. She then said that she would like to offer to coach my son privately at a little gym nearby if I was interested. She just needed to check with the owner of the gym first about cost  and times etc.

As you can imagine, I was really touched and very grateful. Originally the cost was going to be quite high (private lessons and all), but I had already decided to just try and find the money in order to give him a go. Then she came back and told me that they had agreed on a much lower price for the first two trial lessons and then a reasonable on going rate. I was so happy!

So I took my son to the first trial lesson two weeks ago, wondering what this lady would be like and how she would handle my son and his particular ‘issues’. Well, I needn’t have worried. She was so great with him. When he got mad, she just calmly dealt with it and redirected his attention. She then spent extra time at the end of the session just chatting with him and trying to get to know him better. Not only that, but after the session, she actually sent me an email telling me how she thought he went (physically etc) and whether I had any thoughts on how she handled him and what she could do to help him out more! I couldn’t believe it!

So the second session, he didn’t follow the rules, jumped off something onto something else and hurt his ankle, but she didn’t tell him off or remind him that he needed to follow the rules (which I annoyingly did btw!). She just kept going and showed the right amount of concern for his ankle. He became quite rude and grumpy with her after that, but she spent the time again afterwards chatting with him and learning what he likes. She realised quickly that he’s very clever and she used scientific terms to describe many of the moves and positions for trampolining, like talking about inertia when he changes the position of his arms. He thought that was pretty great. I  later found out that before her job as an angel of gym  and trampoline coaching she was an astrophysicist!

So there you go. Now my boy can go and do trampolining classes, and I am so grateful to both his new coach and also the owners of:

Moving Bodies ( at Mount Kuringai for allowing these sessions to take place.

You see, you just never know who you’ll touch in this world. Who you might inspire to help you and who might inspire you to realise that it’s not all that bad!

It’s school holidays now, and next week he’s off to his favourite thing in the world….OT Social Camp! Yay. 🙂

Oh, and I’m still sick and useless growing this baby 😦

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4 Responses to There is still kindness in the world!

  1. ANdrea says:

    I am so happy that this angel coach have turned up for you and Corey 🙂

    • KL says:

      Thank you! Now I just have to convince Corey to go again!

      • ANdrea says:

        Is Corey not keen to go back?

      • KL says:

        Not really. He never wants to do anything remotely structured. He’s angry that he hurt his ankle and thinks its everyone else’s fault but his. That’s just Corey. I always had to fight with him to get him to go to drumming too, that’s why we stopped despite the amazing teacher!

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