A quickie so you know I’m still alive!

Eeek! I haven’t done a post for so long I’m beginning to wonder whether I even know how to write any more!

We’ve had a lot of exciting stuff going on around here. My son went on his first group excursion recently to the Australian Museum for the ‘Science Fair’. We met up with a bunch of homeschooled kids and parents and the group was taken on a tour around the museum to do various different workshops to do with sciency stuff.

I was so impressed with him and how he behaved. He wanted to leave about 5 minutes into the first workshop, but I managed to keep him on track and he even participated in the activities, albeit with a bit of ‘attitude’. Each session was an hour long, and some were more interesting than others. By the end, he was exhausted and over it so I let him leave early. If you ask him he’ll say it was crap, but I did see him get interested at least twice 🙂

During one session about nature, he was chosen to come up the front and answer stuff, and then he couldn’t stop. It made me laugh because the lady running it was very ‘old school’. She tried to make all the kids sit in a tidy group on the floor in front of her and then greeted them with ‘good morning children’. The homeschooled kids of course weren’t really used to that sort of thing and just looked at her blankly, before a few of the older ones mumbled ‘umm… good morning?’. She didn’t really know what to think. She handled my son quite well though by saying,
“Now, I know that you are very clever, and you seem to know a lot about this stuff, but it’s very important to allow the other kids a chance to answer.” He took that quite well and just resigned himself to making frustrated noises when people took too long to answer, or got the answers wrong. It did show me though just how much he knows and how much quicker he gets a concept than many other children older than him.

So, now our son is completely off his Risperdal. He’s having trouble sleeping at the moment, but I guess that’s to be expected when he’s been used to having a medication that puts him to sleep. He needs to re-learn the skills required to put himself to sleep and turn his brain off. He’ll get there. He is definitely quicker to get angry at the moment, but he’s also doing really well with understanding that he has to bring it back himself. He even explained to the other kid in his social OT group today that…
“I’ve just finished taking a medication that helps me stay calm and so I might get angry easily. But for now I am feeling good and happy, even though the medication was helping me with that before.”

Awww. It’s so great that he understands what is happening to him. I guess our explanations are helping with that too. Shame the same can’t be said for my explanations of the multiplication tables! He just doesn’t seem to get that concept at all!

The other good news, that for now I’m hiding at the bottom of this post so that only the most committed readers will get to it is…. I’m 8 weeks pregnant! Yay!

The son is very, extremely excited and has already read the pregnancy book I have and now proceeds each week to tell me what’s happening. I’ve been throwing up a lot and falling asleep a lot and feeling generally crappy and unable to eat anything except apples… but that’s all part of the ‘fun’ I guess.
So that means that I can’t go on our long planned and saved for snow boarding holiday next year 😦 The boys are still going, they’ll just go in January instead of March and only for four weeks instead of six. The baby will be due early April, so I’ll get some peace and quiet at the end I suppose!

All I need now is for someone to kindly purchase my parent’s house in Denver Colorado so that they can get on home before April to meet their second grandchild and take the first on away when he’s bored 🙂

That’s it for me for now folks!

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4 Responses to A quickie so you know I’m still alive!

  1. Lee Taylor says:

    Amazing news! Congratulations!

  2. ANdrea says:

    Congratulations!!! Wow! New baby! Corey doing so well! Fantastic news! So happy for you and Jade and Little (Big?) Corey!

  3. KL says:

    Hi…ummm are you sure? Is there any particular reason?

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