Stuff you probably take for granted….

I was talking to a friend the other day. She is going skiing soon with her husband and two children. We also love to go skiing with our son, and have been lucky enough in the past to have been in a position to do it at least every two years. I unthinkingly warned her that as this is the first time they’ve been skiing with their kids, they must remember that they won’t be able to just go as fast and free as they used to when we were all young. I was laughing and thinking about how with little ones you have to continually go back inside and not get too far away from warmth, and the fact that they need help getting up when they are learning and so you tend to not actually do much skiing (or snowboarding in our case) when they first start.

My friend turned to me with a look of surprise and said, “What?! No way, they’ll be in ski school all day!” For a moment I was confused. Then I said,

“Oh yeah, I forgot your kids can do that sort of thing.”

Sometimes I forget that people who have ‘regular’ kids can just put them in day care, send them to school, put them in ski school, sign them up for school holidays tennis camp, get a regular babysitter, send them to birthday parties, have sleep overs….all those things that we just can’t do. Now, yes I’m aware that all of the things I have listed above are ‘first world luxuries’ and depend on you actually being able to afford that stuff. Well, I live in a country where a LOT of people can afford that sort of stuff, so I mean no offence to people with real problems, and please don’t think that I’m having a complain about my life from that sense.

I guess sometimes I just think that everything has to be a little harder for us. On the other hand, some kids are seriously boring because they never talk to you and when they do, what they say makes no sense. I have a very intelligent child who may not work out with regular folk, but geez he is interesting to have around!

What things do I probably take for granted? I think that I do forget sometimes that I can’t explain certain concepts to other children and expect them to understand what I’m talking about. I take for granted that my son will monitor himself with regards to what is going to upset him or bore him. I have full confidence that he can have access to our entire DVD collection and he will actually go right past movies that he deems ‘inappropriate for children’.

I think I also probably take for granted the fact that he is not a follower. If a bunch of kids tell him to do something he knows is wrong (and it’s not something he wants to do…that’s a big distinction here!), he won’t be led or threatened by them. He’ll tell them no and leave…probably 😉

Such is life I guess, we all have things we take for granted no matter our circumstances.

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