Who Ever Heard Of Such a Thing?!

The most amazing thing happened to me on Monday night before my School of Rock Rehearsal. One of the other members of the band is a woman who has never sung before in her life and won the Disco School of Rock show in a charity bid. She’s been struggling with nerves and feeling as though she’s doing a terrible job at rehearsals and I’ve tried to help her out and let her know that it’s all good and no one expects perfection anyway. She’s the most lovely person, older than me, probably closer to my Mum’s age I think.

Anyway, on Monday night before rehearsals, we had agreed to meet early and go through a song that we are on together. When we met up, she said,

“Since I have you alone, can I have a quick chat to you?”

I thought, “uh oh! What have I done?!”

She took me into a private room and said the following words….

“What would you do if you had a friend… a new friend… who had just come into an obscene amount of money, and that friend really wanted to enjoy the next School of Rock, Motown show with you? If that friend was willing to pay for you to do the show and the coaching with her, what do you think you would say?”

For a moment I was quite stunned as I realised what exactly it was that she was saying. I knew that she had recently been through a divorce and that she was soon to have a financial settlement of a significant amount.

She told me that I was her favourite in the show and that she really wanted to use her money to do things that she enjoyed with people she liked. She knew I wasn’t doing the Motown show because I could no longer afford it and she really wanted me to join her so she was happy to pay for me! Wow! Can you believe that people can be so generous and kind?!

So… I will be starting a new School of Rock show just 1 week after my current one finishes! Yay!

Also, I have decided to finally finish my Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Composition and have signed up to start my first unit in September. With Fee Help I can delay payment and hopefully spend the next four years getting it done part time. So many exciting things to look forward to!

It’s school holidays for us now, but I’ll do a quick catch up blog about the progress with our little boy as soon as I can.

Rock On!

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