Disco diva by the seaside

Well the Disco Show for School of Rock Dress Rehearsal (yes all of those words needed a capital letter!) rocked! There were one or two little issues like one singer starting the song at the second verse for example, but she had a baby just two weeks ago so she is completely excused. There was also that very terrible moment when I had signaled the band that we were ending the song and the didn’t stop! Not only did they not stop, they made me go through the chorus another three times before they decided they would stop! It was ‘Staying Alive’ and I have to hold a really high note in each chorus and I thought my throat was going to break!
All my lead songs were awesome though and I felt really good afterwards although very exhausted. Then I realised that I was on 13 of the 20 song set list and many one after the other so no wonder I was tired! And in heels too!!

Anyway, what a buzz. Looking forward to the final performance in a month now.
Today we have driven down the coast to meet up with some friends who are doing a seaside bike ride. While my son and husband headed off with the group, I’ve elected to stay at the beachside cabin on the sunny verandah wrapped up in my wooly shawl and wait for them. Terrible sacrifice I’ve made I know 🙂
So far I’ve written about 10 pages of a new story inspired by the beautiful view in front of me, read a whole bunch of the book I’m currently reading and written a blog post. Very creatively productive for a Saturday which is usually filled with cooking, cleaning and gardening.

Looking forward to the return of the cycling adventurers so we can enjoy some good food and company and then head back home this evening. Life is good 🙂

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