Conversation of the week

As the child approached my armchair where I was doing a bit of writing, and I grabbed him and started laying kisses on his forehead…

Son: “Hey! No more kisses! My cup is full!”

Me: “Oh sorry! I didn’t know!”

Son: “Why not! You have some kind of special gauge that tells you how much love I need!”

Me: “Not really, my love is limitless, so I just always give it to you.”

Son: “Well, you should know when I’m so full of love that I’m up near the ‘getting angry’ part of the scale!”

Then he walked away to do something else, leaving me wondering what had happened….

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6 Responses to Conversation of the week

  1. Gary Evesson says:

    Mothers don’t know anything!

  2. KL says:

    So it would seem :)…. lucky Dad’s know it all… right?

  3. bronxboy55 says:

    If only those mood rings really worked.

  4. Well, looking on the bright side, he was able to let you know that he was getting angry!

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