4 Responses to New homeschooling social group update

  1. Andrea says:

    Woo Hoo!!! Well done Corey and Kathryn and Jade! Its gold when our kids can enjoy in a setting like this! I am sure as more positive experience is achieved, he will go back for more and more….

    Its great to see your courage to reduce medication for Corey. I am about to start mine on a new one (without removing any current ones) to help with the OCD after seeing a new psychiatrist. It will not be easy as he had reacted badly to the last 2 OCD medication given by his previous psychiatrist. We think it is time to try the OCD meds again as other non-medication therapies we have been trying have not helped much.

    • KL says:

      Thanks Andrea.

      I guess Max’s symptoms have always been more severe than Corey’s, so I don’t blame you for continuing to try new medications to help him. It is hard reducing the medication, especially when I could see that it worked, but we just had to try and give him the best possible chance to try and function without medication. There are just too many side effects and problems in the future with long term use of many of those medications compared to the outcome.
      For you that might be different, being that the side effects are not worse than what happens in Max’s life without the medication, and that is a brave choice as well. Either way, we both always try to find the best thing for our kids. I can’t imagine how hard it must be parenting his OCD. Keep trying, you’ll find something that will help him.
      K x

  2. JudgeRoy says:

    “I secretly wish I would be recognised more often and that people would talk to me about it.” Haha, I love it.

    I’m glad Corey had a good time and he’s been having a great week. Sometimes I think I’m going through the adult version of what Corey has, except not many people can understand how my anxiety can make me aggressive. I actually managed to talk myself through getting into a disagreement with someone. So, it’s been a good day for me too. Who ever knew it was an ok thing to have some disagree with you?

    Looking forward to hearing some updates.

    • KL says:

      Hey! Good on you having a ‘positive disagreement’! 🙂 We are off to social group again tomorrow and he’s already distracted and excited. He’s driving me a little bonkers today with his “I don’t want to do work” complaining. It’s taking hours for him to get anything done, which in turn means I’m not getting anything done either… but hey, that’s what happens!

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