A plethora of penguins for the bun nazi.

My son loves penguins, he always has. Right now he’s right into a series called “The Penguins of Madagascar”. It’s a spin-off series from the movies. There are four penguins in the troup of special agent type penguin characters, and my son was very happy tonight as he gathered up three if his toy penguins and arrived in the lounge room announcing that he now almost has the “Penguins of Madagascar”!
I turned to him and said, “I’m sure you have another penguin somewhere. I think you called it ‘party penguin’ and it’s probably in the spare room in that soft toy hanging net”.

Off he went to find ‘party penguin’….

Son: “did you mean this one?” Holds up a soft representation of a baby penguin.

Me: “hmm I forgot you had that one! No, I meant a little one with a sparkly hat that you used to call party penguin.”

Daddy: “how many penguins do you have anyway?!”

Son: with a slight cheeky smile, “five apparently”.

That cracked Daddy and I right up, which delighted him of course! Party penguin was then located and we now have five ‘apparent’ penguins. đŸ˜‰

Now what’s all this about a bun nazi?
For some unknown reason, my son doesn’t like it when I loop my ponytail around into a bun. It’s not a proper bun just one of those loose kind of looped up ponytails that are trendy right now. Every time he catches me with my hair like that he says,
“Hey! Your hair doesn’t look good that way! I’m going to de-bun you!” And then he does….de-bun my hair. It’s a bit annoying actually.

Today, as we were on our way out the door to the park I hastily grabbed a cap and was just putting my hair up too.

“Hurry up mummy! We need to go!”
“Yes, I’m coming, just putting my hair up on the way!”
“Ok…..but not in a bun!”

Bun nazi.

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