Feelin’ the pressure

I’ve just done my third week of ‘School of Rock’ and so far it’s going OK. I’ve been given some great songs to sing lead on and one that I hate, but that’s life. I’m also on some really great ones for back up vocals and am looking forward to get those down as there are so many parts and harmonies in disco tracks. 

This week I need to learn the lead on La Belle – Lady Marmalade and The Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive. Both very cool songs, both tricky for singing! I’m especially struggling with the Lady Marmalade one because I’m so used to singing the version by Christina Aguilera and Pink etc from Moulin Rouge! I keep wanting to sing it that way, but have to contain myself and learn it the original way. Now the difficulty is that when you join the School of Rock programme, you can take the full option where you get a two hour weekly coached rehearsal and also a half hour private tutor session, or you can take the cheap option where you don’t get the private tutoring. Since I really can’t afford either, I’ve naturally taken the cheaper option and we are just finding the money (on our already over loaded credit card!!, but hey, otherwise I’ll NEVER get out of the house and any time to myself! I NEEEEED those two hours once a week!). 

Without the private coaching however, it’s really hard for me to fix any problems I’m having vocally with a song, or work out the harmonies that I’m meant to sing by myself. I also have the problem where I believe that I am not going to be able to do something to a reasonable standard until I’ve been taught it or studied it. That’s just me. My very close friend and I are very good and saying we can’t possibly write and publish a book because we just need to do ‘one more course’ or ‘just a bit more experience first’. Yes… we can see the irony…that’s just how we are OK?!

So… what to do? Grrrrr I don’t know. So far, I’m struggling to even find enough time actually get enough practice in to do it justice! This time around, I have the ‘bigger, better coaches’ for rehearsal, and all the other singers are really strong and very experienced. That’s very intimidating and also very pressurising. Eeek! Perhaps I am just freaking myself out for no reason. Arggghhhh!!!!!

I really must talk some confidence into myself and stop freaking out. I’m sure my coaches will cut me a little slack if I don’t hit it perfectly the first couple of weeks. Maybe… hopefully… Right. Stopping now. 😉

If only I could find a way to earn some money… oh yeah, that’s right! My parenting talks that no one wants to come to! Or… writing that I’m supposed to be trying to get paid to do! Oh dear, I seem to have fallen into ‘poor me, I’m failing’ mode. 

And now I’m babbling too. Well that’s what my blog is for right? I’ll be back to normal next week I’m sure!

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2 Responses to Feelin’ the pressure

  1. JudgeRoy says:

    It’s good to have a place to let it all out. Just keep at the singing, the writing and parenting talks and things will get better. I’d love to sit on a parenting talk and maybe use what I learn on my nephews, who are pretty well behaved compared to what you have to deal with. But any knowledge is good knowledge. The problem with me is if it’s not in the city I’m not sure how I could get there and then return home.

    • KL says:

      Thanks Shanti. Yes even Aunties can benefit from parenting talks 😉 – I would holding it in North Sydney, which is a very easy train ride from the city and then a 10 minute walk from North Sydney Station. If you do decide you are interested, let me know. I do have one other interested party. If I can get three people then it will go ahead.

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