I can talk, you are welcome to listen!

Right, so not being one to sit on my hands, I am already planning my first series of parenting talks for Sydney. I’ll be starting with five families, for two hours in a venue in either North Sydney or Ryde. If you have any friends in Sydney who you think would like to spend two hours with me to get some hints and tips about how I parent Corey and why I do or say certain things in certain ways for him, please pass my details to them!

Anyone who may be interested, email me at kathrynlowe89@gmail.com 

Time and place will be publicised in the near future, and the first few talks will be my time for free so I can get feedback and practice!

I am trained in Circle of Security Parenting and qualified to teach parenting courses, but this two hour talk will be a summary of the methods I taught myself and general information on parenting an anxious child with aggressive behaviours, as well some of the refinements I learnt from Prof Dadds on the show “Kids on Speed?” recently aired on the ABC

Wish me luck!



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One Response to I can talk, you are welcome to listen!

  1. Mal says:

    Good luck!

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