End of the magic

Wow! What a busy couple of weeks I’ve had! It’s still moving at a scary pace towards the end of the year, but what can I do except “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”. 

My son did his tap routine at his concert…. Well… sort of. It was very cute as the three of them came onto the stage, the music started, and they all stood in formation and did one move and then stood stock still for about 40 seconds! They had all forgotten the routine! They handled it very well though for a 6, 8, and 9 year old. They had a brief discussion on the stage to try and see if they could work it out. Then they realised the song was nearly done, and they did the last few moves, tapped a bit, and did their final rock devil horns pose to finish it off!

The rest of the concert was loooooonnnnngggg and mostly boring, but not as boring as I had thought it was going to be. I couldn’t believe that my son stayed back stage for the entire thing! And then his teacher told me later that he was so awesomely behaved. She said that the really great thing about my son is that he knows his limits, and rather than letting it all get to him, he would come to the adults and tell them he needed to go outside for a few minutes every now and then. They would take him outside, and no dramas ensued! She told me that there were heaps of kids giving her trouble, and there was my son being so good and so mature! Yippeee!! And he even got a trophy for ‘most improved’ in his class. That was a big surprise, and he was so proud of himself. 

My parents had to come to Australia in a last minute emergency to do some repairs on their property here, so we get to enjoy their company at Christmas which will be nice, but they return to the USA on New Year’s Eve….oh how I wish we could head back with them and get a little skiing in, but alas, we are broke. That’s life. 

My concert is on Wednesday, and I was feeling really confident, but now I’m panicking just a little. One of our strongest lead singers had to drop out at the last minute (for a very good reason) and some of us now need to pick up her songs and learn the leads or different back ups in three days! ARRRGGHHH! Again… that’s life! We’ll rise to the challenge and get it done I’m sure. 

Now for the main story behind my title….. End of the Magic. 

My son had been muttering to himself for about a week about Santa Clause, and whether he was real or not. Lets remember he’s eight, so it’s not surprising that he’s questioning things. He’s homeschooled, so he’s not hearing things from other kids, he’s just sorting things out in his own mind. He turned to me after his self mutterings had ceased, and said, 

“Mummy? Please can you just tell me the truth about whether Santa Clause is real because I think it’s just the parents who do it.”

I futtered about a bit and did the whole, “do you think that? Well, you can believe what you want, but I think Santa is awesome.” He wasn’t having it. With a direct request to be told the truth, I couldn’t hold it back. I told him that it is in fact the parents who put the presents under the tree. I also said that it’s really important that we still pretend Santa is real, especially around other kids. I also reminded him about how much Mummy and Daddy love to pretend about Santa because it’s a beautiful, magical and exciting thing to pretend and there is nothing wrong with knowing the truth, but pretending the fairytale. 

He assured me that wasn’t sad knowing that it wasn’t real, and he continued on as if nothing was amiss. It’s sad though, that time when they are grown up enough to start questioning the magic and then not believing in it any more. We always knew with his intellect and the fact that he thinks about things way above his age that he would work that one out pretty quickly, but it’s still sad when it happens. Anyway, he’s still a happy camper. The tree is up, the decorations are shining around the house. Our outside lights are sparkling. The weather is hot and sticky. It’s getting to look a lot like Christmas. 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone, and have a safe and happy New Year. I’ll probably only do one last post after my concert to let you all know how it went, and hopefully some footage and photos too. 

Until then…. 

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