Coping as a Mum in the Modern World

A short article on what it’s like living in today’s world with a special needs child and whether it’s possible to live up to the media portrayal of the ‘super mum’.



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2 Responses to Coping as a Mum in the Modern World

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi Kathryn,

    Yes it is so easy for the professionals to tell us to have time for yourself and look after yourself. When your child is unwell, no amount of taking time for ourselves and looking after ourselves works. When I went through that depression earlier in this year, the anti-depressants and sleeping pills did not help. But once my child got better, that was my perfect cure and I could stop all the medication and pills stone cold!

    Can you believe this? Recently I got a call from an organiser to go for a free “pamper yourself” treat and I told her very politely that I don’t enjoy being pampered! haha! I guess everyone has their own cup of tea. Mine is going for a nice relaxing bush walk or a walk along the beach with a friend who “talk my talk”.

    I guess I am a fixer, until the problem is fixed I cannot relax and be nice to myself. Sad but I am who I am. So to all you professionals, thank you but no thank you for your suggestions.

    I really admire you for your strength in home schooling and very happy for you that it is reaping such sweet results. When you see your little man smile that’s all you need for getting over those dark and hard moments.

    I am waiting to hear my child call me. When that happens, I know I am coping well.


    PS : By the way, I do spot cleaning – ie clean when I see the spot of dirt for long enough that I can’t stand it. I don’t have the energy to do a “vacuum the whole house” day!

  2. KL says:

    Hi Andrea! Thanks for your comment and for reading! Yeah, we just need to do what we can when we can don’t we. I’m so happy to hear that your child has started to get better and that has made you feel better. I guess the really tough thing with those of us who are ‘fixers’ is when you really just can’t ‘fix’ it! It’s almost impossible to fix the mental difficulties of our children and it leaves us feeling helpless and out of control. You went through so much earlier this year, and I am just so glad it’s starting to get a little better for you.

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