I found something to kiss….

A couple of months ago I started a little game with my son in order to create a new way of showing him physical affection without annoying him, and allowing me to show it without the need for him to have done something to ‘earn’ it first. It’s important that kids get your attention and love just because they are there and they are being themselves. 

The game basically consists of me walking up to him and for example, if he’s playing with his Lego, I will kiss his head and face all over and say,

“Ooh! I found something to kiss playing Lego!” 

At first he would just pull away and shrug me off, but I kept it up and now he really likes it. 

A couple of days, he was so cute with his response. 

He was at the kitchen bench. I approached and started kissing and hugging…..

Me: “Ooh! I found something to kiss eating breakfast!”

He turned, looked at me with a smile and said, 

“Ooh! I found something to kiss kissing me!” and then returned all my kisses!

Awww so sweet 🙂

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