Maybe it’s a sex thing…..

My son said that to me today. 

Me: “Why were you all in your bed and naked?”

Son: “Well, we were a family of foxes. Foxes don’t wear clothes. Well the ones on Fantastic Mr Fox do, but real foxes don’t wear clothes. Plus, I just wanted to be nudie like the little stamp I have.”

Me: “What little stamp?” (my imagination is now running rampant and my heart rate is accelerating thinking he has somehow gained access to a pornographic postage stamp!)

Son: Heaving a sigh….”This one”.

Shows me the back of his hand where there is a purple ink stamp of one of those little crazy hair trolls. I tried not to laugh. This really was a serious talk. 

Son: Leaning back in his chair, knowing look on his face “Maybe it’s a sex thing.”

Me: Again, I really need to learn to curb my over active imagination about these things……”Oh? What is ‘sex’ ?”

Son: “You know!”

Me: “Hmm… yep, but I want to hear what you know!”

Son: “It’s when a girl gives off some kind of hormone or scent so that it makes a boy want to love her and marry her!”

Me: Heaving a sigh of relief and thanking David Attenborough for his fabulously clinical descriptions of the mating process of animals……”Oh. Right. Sort of. Good. So, lets find a nice kids movie to watch together hey?”


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2 Responses to Maybe it’s a sex thing…..

  1. Valerie says:

    LOL! I love your response, “Hmm… yep, but I want to hear what you know!” That’s an awesome way to say it! HA

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