Tell me why I don’t like Tuesdays…..

I have started a real dislike for Tuesday. I can’t say when it started, I can’t say why exactly I dislike them, but I just do! I seem to be more tired on Tuesday, less interested, and generally overall grumpy. Tuesday night is my choir night, but I am enjoying going to that again at the moment, as it’s so much easier than my Thursday School of Rock day!

This Tuesday is hot, and I have rather too much weight around my middle at the moment. Sadly hot days remind me that I should be eating a lot less and exercising a hell of a lot more! I get less stuff done on Tuesday, and even my little man seems a bit down today. Stupid Tuesdays.

On a bright note however, he is doing well in his tap dancing classes on Saturdays. He’s still insisting that he doesn’t like it, but it’s the first activity he’s ever done where if he comes out of the class for a break, he goes back in again. He’s also puffed and red faced at the end, and if I peep in, I can see him standing in line and actually watching the teacher and copying what she’s doing! Woo hoo!

Ok, I’m going to attempt to kick Tuesday’s butt now and do some exercise. Perhaps some endorphins will get me feeling better.

Bring on Wednesday I say!

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