Political confusion and new toys

Today I received my birthday present from my parents. A brand new kindle fire. It’s awesome and I’m testing it out now by blogging on it. I just discovered it does swipe typing which I am not used to, but I think I could get to like it. So thank you mummy and daddy!
Tomorrow in Australia we get to vote for our prime minister and the political party we want to run the country for the next three years. Now I know we have nothing to complain about compared to many countries in the world, because we do enjoy a great way of life and we get a day in who and how our country is run…however, the choices we currently have for leaders pretty much suck. I would never waste my vote by not voting correctly, but at this stage I still really just don’t want to vote for either of them! I am not one of those people who are dedicated to a particular party for life, I’m also just not that knowledgeable about politics.
Things I do know are that the school system as it is, is pretty much useless for my son and our family anyway, so I don’t think either party will make a difference to us.

We do get some assistance from the current govt for caring for our son full time and although it is not much, anything helps. I hate to complain, but seriously, it sucks trying to decide between two total dick heads!
Ok. My husband needs me to pick him up from his 20yr school reunion in the city, so I better get moving!
At least after voting tomorrow, we can take our son to tap dancing and try to ignore all radio and tv broadcasts for a few hours.

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