Hitting the Slopes

Whew! I’m finally getting a brief moment to write a post!

Everyone will be pleased to know that our car was just fine. Despite the doom and disaster declaration made by the mechanic, we made it to the snow interstate, and back again. Our battery was fine. The car started despite being left in the cold unstarted for a week. Hmph. We will no longer be taking our car to the manufacturer for servicing. We will be using the mechanic up the road who checked our car out before we left for the snow and informed us that there is no crack in the engine mount. There is nothing leaking AT ALL!!! Everything is dry and fine, and he said there is no way they tested the battery because the cover was all covered in dust and hadn’t been touched for months! So annoying! Ok that’s out of my system!

We had a lovely ski holiday, despite the patchy cover and first few nights of rain creating a bit of a grey mush. We enjoyed some nice family time together, and it was interesting to see the difference in our son on his medication. When we took him skiing at age four in the USA, he was basically fearless, pointing his skis straight down hill and hooning off ahead of his parents at top speed. This time, he was somewhat more cautious. Although he informed us that he was ‘born to ski’, he went quite carefully down in a snow plough for most of the runs he did. 

The really great thing was that he skied for most of the day. We went out for a two hour session in the morning, then returned to the apartment for a home cooked warm lunch. Then usually, he and Daddy headed out for a boys afternoon until the lifts closed. All good fun, even though Australian skiing pretty much sucks 🙂

Here are some happy snaps from our trip.



On the bus to the beginner slope on the first day. We know, we are pretty cute when…oh, you can’t actually see us… that’s right. 



There is always time to give people a wave, no matter what the circumstances.



Same goes for Mumma!



Must concentrate on snow ploughing…



Daddy is in hot pursuit!

We decided to shoot of early from our holiday as we’d had enough by Thursday lunchtime. A bit of speedy driving and good luck got us back to Sydney in time for me to make it to half of my School Of Rock first rehearsal. It was AWESOME!!! But that’s another post…

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2 Responses to Hitting the Slopes

  1. So glad you had a nice trip! And what a great phrase, “happy snaps.” 🙂 I’ll have to remember that one. It’s fun to see you skiing when it’s so hot here where I live! And that caption about there always being time for a wave? Love it!

    • KL says:

      Thank you! We did have fun, and as far as my son is concerned, there is ALWAYS time for a wave… and a chat… and a play 😉

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