Sometimes Stuff Just Sucks…

Our eight year old car needed to go in for a standard service today. Every single time this car has been in for a ‘standard’ service, we have had some major problem or some major part that needs replacing. Over the last four years, we’ve probably had to spend around $5000 or more fixing and replacing its various parts! It’s insane. It’s a Peugeot and we bought it brand new eight years ago. We love the car, but seriously… NEVER AGAIN! I will never have another European car. They break down all the time and the servicing is just too costly.

Anyway, since we were getting a service (which I was quoted as costing $295), the boy and I decided to have a day out. We dropped the car off and took their courtesy shuttle to the train station. We had a lovely train ride and then walked from Town Hall Station all the way down through the city to Circular Quay. Once there, we headed on down into The Rocks to check out some cool stuff and then we had the brilliant idea to catch a Ferry to Watson’s Bay and enjoy the sunshine at a restaurant called Doyles on the Beach.


IMG_2312 IMG_2316 IMG_2318

It was such a gorgeous winter day, and we just really enjoyed each other’s company. While I finished off my lunch, the little one hung out on the beach and got his pants completely soaked… as kids do!


While waiting for the ferry to take us back, we met another Mum and her son who were visiting from America. The boy was a year older than my son and they hit it off straight away and continued to have a lovely little conversation while waiting for the Ferry. As the ferry arrived, I received a phone call from the car service place. daaaa dummmm.

It turned out that the whole engine mount is cracked and needs to be replaced! Also two… ummm… cans or something. Add that to the service cost and a few other important things like a nearly flat battery and stuff, they were going to charge me around $1800! I was a little annoyed as you can imagine. I was also a bit worried in consideration of the fact that we needed the car to be in good shape for our trip to the mountains next weekend. We will be parking the car in the snow for 5 days, so a low charge battery is not ideal. Since we’ll be driving out of state for about 8 hours each way, it’s also not ideal to have the engine mount in a cracked state! Needless to say I was a little stressed, and called the hubby. He exploded with rage at the over priced servicing place and told me to tell them to just do the standard service and give the me the car back. OK, so the standard service was $295 remember….. when I got there, they charged me $450 for all the ‘standard’ stuff they had done! I assured them I had been duly warned about not driving it on a snow holiday, and then took my car and left.

Then we started looking for a new car. We figured it must be time. We would down grade to a Holden or some other cheaper car in order to have a car that is easy to fix, sturdy and doesn’t keep costing a fortune. We found a lovely second hand Holden Captiva, which is a really good deal. Sadly, my husband decided to be all sensible and said we should take our car to a different mechanic and get it fixed. Or we can hire a 4WD for this snow trip and then keep using our car until we can afford to buy a new (second hand) one without having to borrow any money. Sigh… disappointed. Wanted a new car. Oh well.

Also, my School Of Rock that I was so excited to start this Thursday was postponed until next week because they didn’t have enough people who could make it to that first session.

😦 So now I have to wait until NEXT WEEK! Hmph… don’t like waiting.

Then I took my son to a tap dancing lesson this morning. He had asked to give it a try and it was basically a trial private lesson with just the teacher and one other little girl. He lost it and hid in a cupboard. Then he refused to do it for a while because he said he sucked. He had tried the basic exercises and naturally got his feet confused a bit as you do. Sadly, he couldn’t really handle that and set up saying he sucked and didn’t want to do it. I calmly removed him and was going to take him home. I was really a bit angry, and really really wanted to tell him to quit acting like a spoilt brat just because he felt uncomfortable! I really also wanted to yell at him a bit and tell him how embarrassing it is for me when he does that stuff and won’t just give himself a chance to learn it. He was going on and on about how that was the ‘baby’ class and he just wanted to tap dance.

I restrained myself of course and was kind. I did tell him that I was disappointed that he had given up. I told him that everyone has to start at the beginning steps, even adults. I didn’t say anything mean to him, but I made it clear that I was upset with him for not really trying to stick it out and finish it when it was only a half hour lesson and that everyone completely expected kids to struggle in their first few months of lessons until they get better at it.

I was so surprised and happy when he then turned to me and took my hand and said, “Mummy, I don’t want to disappoint you. I want to go back in and try again to finish the lesson. Even if I get it wrong and can’t really do it, I’ll stick it out and keep trying.”

Wow. I made a big fuss about how proud I was of that attitude he had decided on. We went back in, and he struggled through it. He liked it and had fun, but he also slid across the floor, didn’t listen to the instructions very well, and kept running around the room while the teacher was trying to show them stuff. The very last 3-5 minutes of the class, he slowed down and followed what they were doing though, and that’s when he started having fun and enjoying the class. Sigh. It’s so hard to watch him do all that crazy stuff. There were only two people in the room besides himself, and he was so anxious (even medicated on both Ritalin and Risperdal) that he just couldn’t slow down and control his body.

Naturally I didn’t focus on all that crazy stuff though, even though it made me sweaty and uncomfortable watching him behave that way! I just praised him for trying. I praised him for taking a deep breath and going back in there and trying again. I praised him for finishing the class to the end despite his discomfort.

Anyway, all of the last couple of days have made me feel quite disappointed and down really. I hate that we don’t have enough money for stuff. I hate it even more that a big part of the reason is that we haven’t received rent from one of our properties for ages, and the insurance company isn’t getting back to me about it all. Grrr to all of it. As usual, I’ll get over it and will be up and at ’em again tomorrow 🙂

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4 Responses to Sometimes Stuff Just Sucks…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve read a lot of your blog and am wondering if you’ve had your son assessed for Tourette’s? The modern definition of Tourette’s is very different from what we generally think of. My friend’s child has it and the behaviour is very similar. Intelligent and sensitive but always in trouble because they just can’t manage to keep still. They just seem defiant and loud and are always jumping around. Their specialist told them that most psychologists misdiagnose Tourette’s. Try tryptophan or 5HTP (by over the internet) plus taurine from a health food or body building place. I don’t know about interactions with his current medication as tryptophan increases serotonin but the taurine should be fine. If you notice it making him calmer and behaving better it could well be Tourette’s.

    • KL says:

      Interesting thought. Thanks for your suggestion. I might do some reading up on it. We are fairly confident that its ADHD and anxiety. It’s pretty predictabl now that his behaviours happen in anxious situations, that being said, I am thinking only of my limited knowledge of what I know of the old definition of Tourette’s. thanks for reading and I will definitely read up in your suggestions.

  2. Ah Kathryn – a bit cyber-hug for you! What a crap week. I hear you on the lack of money thing. Frustrates me no end – especially when you come from not really having to worry about it. And I hear you on the ADHD/anxiety/trying new things thing! I can relate your anxiety too – we just started our son on Karate (for the second time) hoping that a better teacher, less students, more structure and being a couple of years older might make a difference. So far, so good! And I can breathe out a little more…

  3. KL says:

    Thank you Ingi. Yeah, it gets to you doesn’t it. Fortunately the other little girl in the class didn’t seem to bother too much. In fact she was really sweet (she was only six, and showed a lot of maturity!) She kindly said to him, “Once when I did my swimming lesson, I couldn’t do it right and I was really scared, but then I kept going and I could do it!” Awwww so sweet. Sadly, I don’t think my son heard her 😦 OOOh I really hope your Son’s Karate lessons keep going well though!

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