Think outside the square…

We had such a lovely but tiring weekend this weekend. We finished up a big project that we’ve been involved in for the last couple of months. (The secret one I’ve been hinting at but still can’t tell you about yet!) Our son got to spend the entire weekend at a hotel with us and a few other families and play with heaps of different kids. There was only one punch up and after that they had an awesome time!

When we got back, we had our close friends and their kids around for the evening. The kids decided to watch a movie, and all seemed happy while the parents enjoyed a glass (or three) of red wine.

About half way through the movie, the little three year old girl came over to me all upset saying that the movie was scary. I cuddled her a bit and then she said something that made me think. She said,
“I want the movie to be quieter! It’s too scary!”
I had never assumed before that the volume of a movie could affect its scariness. The two older boys were enjoying the movie and I knew there would be a war if we tried to turn it down.
Looking around the house I spotted some ear muffs we had bought for our son as he hates loud noises. I popped them on her and said, “is it less scary now?” She smiled, and went back to sit next to the boys and watch the movie!

Sometimes you just have to think outside the usual solutions you would try!

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2 Responses to Think outside the square…

  1. bronxboy55 says:

    And sometimes you have to think like a child — easier for some of us.

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