Whoo hoo!

Whoo hoo! So guess what? I had my audition to join The School of Rock show. Obviously the topic of my post gives it away, but they liked my singing and are excited to have me in the show!

I don’t know exactly what songs are in the show yet, only that the theme is “One Hit Wonders”. I’ve been told I’ll have some solos and do some back up vocals too. It’s really very exciting and I was terribly brave to get up and sing for two people in a sound proof room.

Things are still going awesome with our little guy too. He went to a homeschooling social group the other day and although he had some small struggles, he did really well. I was even able to leave him alone to just play for a bit. It’s so lovely that we are now getting to see all the awesome stuff our son can do when he’s not anxious all the time. We always knew he had a wicked sense of humour, but we had to be so careful before about how we used humour with him. Now he gets our jokes and can even laugh at himself sometimes (although we still need to be a bit careful what we say in that regard!).

Annoyingly I’ve gone and caught another throat infection which started this morning, but it’s not surprising since I’ve been hanging out with a lot of new people lately! So I guess for us, life is looking up and moving forward. We can still see that homeschooling is the best option for our son right now as school work and making mistakes is still something that gets his anxiety and ADHD going hard and fast, but who knows what next year might bring?

I can see now how important it was for us to just flip our lives and our parenting focus around to really put all our energy into our son. No one else was going to be able to do what we could for him in terms of supporting his emotional growth. It was hard, it’s taken almost two years, but boy the results are worth it!!

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