I wanna hold your hand

Just a quick post about something that has started happening this week with my son. Something so small and normal, but that many parents with kids like mine might understand is quite an achievement. 

My son has never liked holding an adult’s hand. He will hold our hands to cross the road because it is a safety rule we absolutely insisted upon, but he would drop your hand the second he was safely on the opposite curb. In shops, he would not hold your hand unless you forced him to, and even then, he would do it loosely and barely, and only for as long as he had to.

This week, as we wandered up the road to the shops, his little hand sought mine out at the edge of the curb. That wasn’t too unexpected, we were crossing a road after all. When we reached the other side, it took me a moment to realise that he still had my hand gripped in his, and wasn’t fighting to be released. I quietly walked along and wondered if perhaps he had just forgotten. We reached a shop and I needed both my hands for a moment. Once my hand was free again, to my enormous surprise, his fingers snaked back into mine, and he held my hand again! He continued to hold my hand the entire way around the shops. 

He’s now been seeking my hand everywhere we go, for the last couple of days, and not only my hand, but his Dad’s hand too. If you have a regular type child, this probably won’t seem like anything special or new to you, but I know there are a whole bunch of parents out there for whom, the holding of hands is a big issue and to have their child do it repeatedly and voluntarily brings a tear to the eye. 

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2 Responses to I wanna hold your hand

  1. Andrea says:

    Absolutely can relate to this ! 🙂

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