My Singing Debut

Well, last night my singing group had its concert. It was so much fun! I was a little stressed for most of the week as my cold got worse,and my voice gradually started to fail. I managed to pump myself full of every vitamin on earth the last couple of days, and then yesterday I didn’t talk at all. I sucked on various different lozenges and sipped on honey and lemon hot water. By yesterday afternoon, I managed to get it back, but it was still pretty rough and husky. It also had a tendency to break at odd moments if I tried to be too loud.

My son and husband came along as my audience, and joined all the other family and friends to make up a very large and responsive crowd. Wine flowed, chips and sweets were consumed, and lots of fun was had by all. Although as a whole, our group didn’t sound perfect, I think we did a reasonable job. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t hear myself at all on the video my husband took, but I guess that’s a result of me deliberately not singing close up to the microphone, for fear that my voice would break and fail. 

I was extremely proud of myself on another level though. Firstly, I wasn’t too nervous going up there. Secondly I was able to remain calm and lucid for many moments during all of our songs, allowing me to just get into the music and enjoy the ride! 

I’m looking forward to seeing what songs we are going to do next term, and I really hope that I have my voice at full health for that performance. 

I’ll also mention that my son was beautifully behaved for the entire show (which was quite long as there were actually three groups who sang 6-7 songs each). He watched, he listened, he danced, he sang along. He even told the little boy next to him, 

“Sit here and watch my mummy, she’s a really good singer!” awwwww 🙂

Did I rock?…..yeah… just a little bit… 🙂

We could only really get one good picture, and it was of our group when we sang with the boys group. I’m the one in the front row sitting down on the far left end. 


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2 Responses to My Singing Debut

  1. Anya says:

    Well done you! And you’re looking great too! Xx

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