Death by…no coffee!!!!!

Last Friday, my lovely and much appreciated coffee machine died. It just stopped performing its duty with a sad whoosh. Naturally I have been quite concerned about this turn of events, particularly in light of the fact that homeschooling starts again tomorrow!

Now I only really have one cup of coffee each day so it’s not like I live for coffee. The problem is that my one cup of coffee is timed at such a point in the day that it holds all the comfort and enjoyment of a warm beverage, while also giving me a much needed break from my child and chores. The process of making the coffee with a real espresso machine and warming the milk is as much a part of the fun so don’t even dare to suggest that I just drink instant!

Naturally I bundled the beloved machine up carefully and took it to my nearest fix it place. They assured me that its not worth getting it repaired because of the cost involved compared to the quality of the machine. I was devastated. I could buy a new one the same, but I couldn’t help thinking that it would be good to get a bigger, more powerful one so that it doesn’t take hours to make coffee for my friends when they come over.

Newer, bigger ones cost way more than I can afford. I had resigned myself to a life without coffee, (and using a spatula to open my washing machine, which broke on the same day as the coffee machine, but I don’t care as much about that!), but set up pretend crying to my husband each time I looked at the empty space on the bench.

Cue fabulous husband…he quietly went and checked out eBay and found a very lovely, shiny machine with lots of power. The ones that when new, cost $850. Someone was getting rid of theirs only an hour drive from our house. They are selling it with ALL the accessories AND a really good grinder! So my darling man is sacrificing his Sunday to drive up the coast and pick up my ‘new’ coffee machine for less than the cost of the old one!! Wooo hoooo!

Now…drive faster honey….please 🙂

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