Post OT camp breakdown thus far…

While an exhausted little person watches some kind of crazy spin off thing from a popular children’s movie series involving some zoo animals who find themselves in various ‘wild’ adventures, I think it’s time I got around to giving those who are waiting for one, an update!

Yesterday’s OT camp was described by the therapist as “volatile”, but with some positives as well. The good thing is that they were actually prepared for that. They know him well and know the sorts of explosive reactions he has. It’s very stressful waiting at home and wondering whether he’s in trouble or trying to hurt anyone, but good to know that they are aware of his needs and pre-prepared for those sorts of things with him. Of course the great thing was that there were positive moments as well. 

When he got home, we asked him what he thought about it, what happened and whether he had met any nice new friends. He of course just wanted to tell us all the bad things that had happened. He focussed on the fact that no one was listening to him and even told me that one kid had tried to kill him! Naturally, no one tried to kill him, and people were trying to listen to him, but that’s the way he felt about it, which must have been hard for him I guess. 

The really great thing though was that he wanted to go back again today and he even said that he was hoping for a more positive day today. 

When I arrived to pick him up this afternoon, he was sitting on a two child swing seat with a little girl eating their afternoon snacks. Lovely. They had had a really tricky start to the day, but a LOT of fun was had and they all managed to get down to some really constructive and lovely playing. The therapist said that he had a lot of really great moments today, which I of course, loved to hear. I noticed that he had a small scratch near his eye and I asked him what happened. He told it like this…

“We were playing a game, pretending to be animals. There is a boy called Bob (for purposes of protecting the names of those involved!), he was a wild animal and I was a domesticated miniature poodle called FiFi (go figure… I have a weird kid, what can I say?!). He lashed out at me and caught my eye.” Now while we were talking, Bob had sidled up to hear the story. He piped up at this point to say that it was an accident, and although my son wasn’t ready to actually say those words out loud, it was clear that he wasn’t angry at Bob and had accepted that it had happened by accident in the middle of play. Whoo hooo!!! Imagine my joy at hearing that story?! And to see Bob completely unharmed in any way too. Whew!

I think this whole week is just going to exhaust him, but in a really good way. He’s already learning so much and getting in some great socialising practice, which is just so awesome!

If anything a bit more exciting happens during the week at OT camp, I’ll be sure to let you know, otherwise, that’s it for now!

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