OT Camp

OT Camp started today and I find myself sitting here wondering how he is going. What is OT camp? Occupational Therapy…every day… multiple kids.. for two hours each day. It’s pretty full on for kids with sensory sensitivities or social difficulties. This is our son’s first try at going to OT social camp. He was super excited about it, I just really hope that he has a good time because otherwise we’ll be dealing with a grumpy little man this afternoon! Two hours doesn’t sound like much to some people I’m sure, but when it usually takes you only 2-3 minutes of being around other kids before you piss someone off or hurt someone, two hours is a life time!

so, while I sit here worrying about him, join me in hoping he’s having an absolute ball of a time!

I’ll let you know how it all goes…

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2 Responses to OT Camp

  1. bronxboy55 says:

    I hope it went well, and continues to do so.

    • KL says:

      Thank you! I’m so excited for him. The reports so far from him have been mostly negative, but the therapists have said that he’s trying really hard and has learnt a lot already. He’s had quite a few positive moments over the last couple of days and I am very excited about it all!

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