School Holidays – Homeschooling Style

To be honest, I was a little concerned that the first school holidays since we started homeschooling were going to be either super boring, or super hard work for me. I think my son has been so relieved not to be asked to do school work each day that he’s relaxed and turned into an angel!

There is a little bit of fighting over certain other things that are currently going on in our lives at the moment, but otherwise, he’s been great. We are about to start a new programme with various different facets aimed at furthering our knowledge about his conditions and how to help him cope. We are all quite excited and it all began on Monday this week. However, I am not at liberty to be able to tell you any details yet. Let me just say it’s exciting and quite tiring and leave it at that!

So far these holidays, he’s watched a few movies, played aeroplanes around the garden while I read Harry Potter to him, enjoyed long walks with the dog and impromptu plays with random kids at playgrounds. He learnt how to make cornbread, and did it pretty much himself, and it tasted awesome. He has had a couple of occasions when he’s felt it was necessary to spit at me or run away to his cubby house, but hey, I can’t really complain about that in the grand scheme of all the good stuff he’s been doing!

Our new little Gypsy is still quite skittish when anyone walks near her, although she will come out of the room and play around while you are there as long as you don’t actually get up and walk. She’ll even come and sit on you if you are staying very still and quiet.

Sadly, there are regular intervals during the day when she tiptoes out and my son sees her and exclaims with arms wide, “HELLO GYPSY!!!” and dashes towards her, only to have her…ahem… please excuse the vernacular…piss-bolt down the hallway away from him! (Please note that if you aren’t Australian, you may not realise that ‘piss-bolt’ does not involve urine in any way shape or form, but rather is a description of a fast and inelegant retreat!) The outcome of her running away is still predictable in that he stomps back the way he came, and hisses at anyone who is listening that,

“she HATES me! Why did you buy a stupid cat that doesn’t even love us?!” Sigh… Oh well!

At least he’s not threatening to take her back any more! 

This evening he actually threatened to catch one of the chickens, pluck her feathers out and turn her into chicken soup because she had missed laying an egg today! A little harsh I would have thought, but there you go! Fortunately I managed to distract him with a wooden train track and a movie. 🙂

With our new ‘project’ under way and much playing to be done these school holidays, my posts may become less frequent, but I promise that if anything truly entertaining or disastrous occurs I will let you all know!

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