Farewell Tribute to our Beloved Pet Cat

It is with great sadness that I write this post today. Our beautiful black cat Havoc, who was with us for 16 years, had to be put down on Friday. Having discovered on Wednesday that he had intestinal cancer, we took our old boy home from the vet with the expectation that we would have him for maybe another month or so. We diligently looked after him and gave him some steroid medication in the hopes that his last month with us would at least be pain free and comfortable. Sadly though, I think Havoc decided that was not to be. He refused to eat or drink. No matter what was offered. We offered milk, water, raw chicken fresh from the butcher, tinned tuna, fresh Parmesan cheese, but he turned his head away at everything. 

By Thursday, he was unable to get up by himself, but yet he somehow managed to get himself into the bathroom to go to the toilet in the shower, ever respectful of his house and not wanting to do his business in the ‘wrong’ place. By Thursday afternoon it was clear that he was not going to be around long, and that he wasn’t having any fun at all. He couldn’t settle and sleep, although if no one was around, he sought out a family member as best he could and tried to stay on their lap. We made an appointment for the vet to come to our house on Friday and put an end to it. 

We stayed with puss the whole of Thursday and Friday, including taking shifts at night to make sure that he always had a loving lap to sit on for his last two days with us. On Friday, he chose to sleep in his favourite shady spot under the BBQ outside, so we set ourselves up around him while he was under there. He finally seemed to fall asleep happily. At 1pm, the vets came, and our dear boy fell asleep in our arms, with his family all around him. There were lots of tears. I was struck by how deeply both my husband and little boy felt the sadness of this loss. I know that people with ADHD and Anxiety Disorder feel things VERY strongly, and my son showed just how strongly his sadness was affecting him. 

After puss left us, we tried very hard to comfort each other and remember the happy times we had with puss and how funny he was. We all had moments where we were distracted and fine, but my Son would cry again every hour or so, as he remembered that puss wasn’t there. He would be doing something and suddenly say, “I want puss back!” and the grief would start again. Two days later, we are all still feeling a little raw. My son has now started on the “when can we get another cat?” nagging. We will get another cat at some time because we are just not a cat-free type of family. We love having a cat around. The trouble is that Havoc was just the most beautiful cat. He was so clever, and calm and happy. He got up to stuff when he was little as all kittens do, but as an adult cat, even the vets said they have never dealt with such a calm and accepting cat. 

So, Havoc, we loved you, and we know you loved us too. We will miss you terribly, and we will remember you always. 

R.I.P Havoc. 

Tribute to Havoc:

I couldn’t get any of his younger pics as they were not on digital camera!

Havoc could be always be trusted to be around when you needed him:

Image“The window sill is awesome, but I’d really consider getting some curtains and getting rid of this sheet! Purrrrr”


“Come on family! What’s with this hallway?! Get on with your re-decorating and renovations already! I don’t want to have to step over things as I walk down the hall!”

He could be found sleeping in the oddest places…

Image“Hmmm… a line-up of very fine plastic vehicles. That kid knows how to give a cat a comfy head rest!”

Image“They said this bean bag was for the child… what would they know.. I am taking it and no one can stop me!”


“I’m sure I heard them say this bed was for a new puppy. I wonder what a puppy is. Well, what ever it is, my scent is here first so it will know who is the boss!”

Image“Christmas is AWESOME! I am the best decoration they have though.”

He could be trusted to be very funny and playful…



“Aaahhhh! Did you see that?! I don’t care what you say, that wire was trying to attack me!”



“Yes, OK, very funny small child. Put the cat in your pyjamas… honestly, the things I put up with living here. I will just go and sleep under the chairs then..Yes…in the pyjamas.”

Best of all, he was a great friend and sleeping companion.


“Heaven… a human to lean on while I relax…”



“Ok, they are on my bean bag, but I can totally make this work. Just a bit of balancing and we’ll all be comfy I’m sure!”


“Oh alright, I’ll compensate you for not being allowed on the lounge like me by letting you rest your giant head on my royal paw.”


“Ok, you aren’t so bad, I think I can be your rug sleeping pal. Purrrrr”






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2 Responses to Farewell Tribute to our Beloved Pet Cat

  1. I am sorry about the loss of your friend. Yes, we with ADHD do tend to feel things very deeply. I lost my Bennie two years ago around this time from lymphoma. It was very hard, still miss him.

    • KL says:

      Hi there.
      It must be very hard dealing with such full on emotional responses. Thank you for your kind words, and thank you for reading. I hope you have lots of lovely memories of your Bennie just as we do of our Havoc.

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