Beating the blues.

The subject of tonight’s post has come about for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we are all a bit down at the moment because our dear old black cat is very unwell and is spending another overnight at the vet. That of course then exacerbates the ever present money issues we are facing, which have been made somewhat less tolerable by a dodgy real estate agent who hasn’t paid us any rent from our two properties for three months. Naturally, we have proceedings in place to get those funds back, but it’s the waiting that kills ya!
Add to that, my own current mood brought on by being bored with our everyday schoolwork one way battle, which you would think would cease to be so boring when he stops arguing and actually does the work. Well sadly it’s actually more boring then because he does the work so fast and then we are left with half a day to fill in.

Of course he won’t do EXTRA work if he has completed his work quickly, because clearly that would be in breech of our pre-set agreement that no arguing about work results in more playtime! Unfortunately for me, more playtime means he wants ME to play with him more, and while that sounds ideal, it gets really hard to play the same pretending games over and over day in day out for five years! It’s also against my parenting to tell him that his games are boring me to death! I suggest a million other things I would like to do with him, but we always have to do some of ‘his’ game or he just says I haven’t played with him ALL day!!!

And while I’m on it (the moaning band wagon that is) I am finding it very difficult to shift what has now become almost 6 kilograms of extra weight that I really don’t need on my body! I’ve started doing yoga and slow walks on the treadmill and walking the dog most days. I’ve reduced my portion sizes and only drink one or two glasses of wine each week. I’ve cut out a lot of the very yummy sweet stuff and if I do have it, I only have homemade goodies and no store bought stuff so that work has to be done before eating it.

The trouble is that I know I need to be really careful not to hurt my back or neck again so I’ve been doing mostly strengthening and stretching exercises. To shift this weight though I really need to sweat…a lot. And move my body rather more than I have energy to!

So, beating the blues is not easy. Clearly I can’t do it with cake or chocolate because that’s not going to work. I need to try and follow the advice I gave my son today when he tried to draw a fish and it turned out looking like a blob.

He threw his pencil, kicked out at me and tried to hide beside the desk. Then he informed me that the only thing that would help him feel better would be a new toy.

I told him I could see he was mad at himself for not being able to draw a fish the way he expected. I told him his feelings are normal and OK. I said he wasn’t allowed to hurt me or damage anything when he had strong feelings. I told him we can work on learning how to draw a fish to solve the problem and practice on a scrap piece of paper so we don’t ‘ruin’ his work.

He eventually calmed down and let me show him how to draw a fish.

If only I could solve all my problems so easily!
I’m sure some chocolate, a new handbag, a new pair of shoes and kicking that dodgy real estate agent in the face would make me feel much better! Wouldn’t it?

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