Small Successes

Tonight I thought I’d do a quick post about me and the singing group I’ve been attending every Wednesday night. I think I mentioned before, that I was the youngest in the group by a fair margin. Two more girls have since joined who are probably not too much older than myself. There have been weeks when I have been reminded why I don’t like singing in a group, and there have been some small successes, which have made me remember why I am doing the ‘group thing’. 

last week was a little bit dull as we had a very large group, and the soprano group was quite big, loud, and in need of being taught their harmonies. That meant that I couldn’t hear myself at all and I started to feel a bit like, “Oh yeah, that’s right, choir singing is really robotic, kind of boring and you have to try your hardest to blend rather than stand out.” I didn’t mind too much because I was getting good practice in, I like the songs we are doing, and I get a lot of tips and hints on breathing correctly and all that important stuff from the teacher. Plus I get to have the briefest of chats to a whole bunch of mostly nice women. 

Last night though was really fun. There were quite a few away, so the smaller numbers meant that we could all hear each other and ourselves. I have a good ear for timing with songs and although I’ll never be a star, I can carry a tune. I also have a good knack for learning songs quite quickly. I had a ‘stand out’ moment last night where the teacher was needing to get the sopranos to hear where their harmony should be and so she asked the rest of us to keep singing the melody of two particular lines over and over so that they could come in and pick it up by listening to her. 

The song we are doing is quite fast paced, and I am one of the few who can keep up. Probably because I am so very well practised at talking….a lot… so my tongue moves quicker than everyone else’s I think. Anyway, we were singing along and the teacher was walking past us all and trying to sing the harmony herself to teach the sops. She held up her hand when she got to me and said, 

“Can everyone else please just shoosh for a sec and if you could just sing the melody line a couple of times with just you and me so they can hear how it sounds.”

Whooooo hooooo!!! I was ‘chosen’ to demonstrate! Yes, I know I’m boasting now, but too bad! I was proud of myself. I was even more proud of the fact that I swallowed my instant gut tumbling fear of being asked to sing alone in front of the whole group, which I would usually be too scared to do, and I would stuff it up, and I just took a deep breath and went into it! And…. it sounded awesome. 🙂 Yes… modest. I know. 

I received two or three other comments and stuff through the night which also made me happy that I can sing. It’s weird how getting a couple of compliments from a teacher can really help you along. Of course I know it in terms of how I teach my son, but I guess I kind of forget how nice it is to get them for myself. People comment on what a good job I’m doing with my son sometimes, and while that is nice to hear, for some reason it’s nowhere near as exciting as someone telling me I can sing well!

So, group singing classes? Fun. Happy. Good for me! Can’t wait for the performance date, even though I know it’s still going to sound like an amateur choir singing a bunch of mid 80’s and 90’s pop hits. 

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