Sshhh… Secret Christmas Present

My husband told me a couple of weeks ago about an extra secret Christmas present he wanted to get me but couldn’t tell me until it was too late for me to back out of it. Sneaky bugger. 

He signed me up to join a women’s singing group at a nearby music school. He knows me well enough to know that I don’t really like singing as a part of a group and would use that excuse to back out. He also knew that I would find many and varied other reasons to back out. He’s too clever by half. 

On Wednesday I went to the first class. I was the youngest in the group besides the teacher by about 20 years. At first I started going through all the reasons in my mind why this wasn’t a good idea. My husband had explained to me though that I must keep an open mind and remember that I am not there to perform in a choir (well not just that, as that is a part of it obviously!) I am there to learn from the singing coaches who do the group. I am there to gain confidence in singing and strengthen my voice. I am there to get a safe and secure (safety in numbers) taste of being on stage again. Like I said… too clever. 

Will I go back for the second two hour session next week? Hell yes! We are going to be singing some fun songs and not all of them from the 60’s and 70’s 🙂

Ok so it might sound crap in the end, or it might sound good, but I get to leave the house and talk to other people for two hours a week. Because it’s a group, it’s quite cheap, and they give you wine so you won’t be too nervous! What could be better than that?!

We went to the the School’s open day today to see if my son would be interested in any of the free 10 minute lessons they were giving today. He did a lesson the bass guitar which he was extremely excited about. He did quite well, but anyone who reads my blog knows how he is with structured lessons and stuff he’s excited about! He wanted to just play a rhythm without learning the basics first. He also wanted to learn the electric guitar… not an acoustic. It HAD to be electric. 

He tried to have a little singing lesson, but got all embarrassed and thought the teacher might laugh at him… weird.. she seemed very nice. That’s anxiety disorder for you. As we came home I commented to my husband that I could have stayed there all day having 10 minute free lessons on EVERYTHING and how I was so disappointed for our son not being able to contain his own excitement enough to actually participate to a level I knew he would enjoy if only he could calm down and stop freaking people out. Oh well… we’ll get there. 

For now, this little secret Christmas present is just for me, and I love my husband for being so mean and forcing me to do it 🙂

I’ll keep everyone posted on how it all goes. There are little performances throughout the year. If I get brave enough I may even post a little video of one up here!

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