“It brought out my happy!”

Having started back for the Homeschooling year; this morning I told my son that he could finish watching the movie he was watching before we started his school day. He had after all been kind enough to get up and put a movie on because he got up so much earlier than his parents! Mutual respect is important in this relationship (particularly where my beauty sleep is involved!).

He happened to be watching “Happy Feet Two”. When it finished he said to me, 

“I can’t do my work right now. I need to jump on my trampoline and do some drumming first.”

Me: “You do? Why is that?”

Him: “Because that movie brought out my happy! I need to drum first! Please can you put the soundtrack for that movie on?”

See, that’s what homeschooling is all about really. Letting them take the ‘happy’ when they feel it. His reading, writing, spelling and maths will still be there after he’s done having a happy moment! 🙂



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2 Responses to “It brought out my happy!”

  1. Madhatttr says:

    I loved reading this as it reminded me of my little cousins who i only see every few years! Great to also see homeschooling paying off and being done well. On another note my brother used to have that drum it and so it brings back good memories for me. (and one involving being gouged in the eye with a drumstick…brothers eh!)

    • KL says:

      That made me laugh! Oh…sorry, didn’t mean to laugh at your injury though. 🙂 – I make sure to stand well clear of the drum kit when he’s in a very happy drumming mood!
      Thanks for reading!

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