Latest Little Projects

I have a post in the wings that is deep and meaningful and full of self reflection, but since one needs rather more spare time to write such a post, I am just putting up a quick little post about some of our latest little projects. 

The weather has been extremely hot here in Australia the last couple of weeks. Last friday the temp in Sydney reached 46 degrees celcius! Man that was HOOOOTTTT!!!! Lucky for me I have air conditioning, unlucky for us, our little man still isn’t allowed to swim in pools, although he can go the beach. So, we’ve spent the last two weeks of the summer holidays, inside in the air conditioning with all the curtains closed trying desperately to entertain a very outside kind of kid! Blahhh! When the weather cooled down a little bit, I took him fishing.

We caught one fish each, but that ended up in tantrums because apparently the fish I caught was silvery and awesome, but he only caught a “stupid puffer fish!”. OK…..





We also bought a little foot stool to go with my armchair. Yes, it was exceptionally cheap. $5 on Gumtree. Very ugly. Brown wooden legs and an orange carpet top. Eewww. But look what I did to it with a little paint and fabric! Yes my upholstering needs a little work, but it was my first attempt!



We’ve built a garden shed. The only cost was the concrete slab which we poured ourselves so that was only the cost of the raw materials. We already had wood for the frame from the large pile of wood we bought on Ebay for a very cheap price. Then we went and got a whole bunch of pallets for free from various places, pulled them apart and used the wood to clad the sides. I have sanded and varnished one side and the door as you can see in the picture. The piece of tin on the roof we got on Ebay for $3.25!



We finally got around to putting a pitch roof on the chicken house when we got some wooden ‘siding’ for free. We used it to clad the shed door as well! I then painted the roof red, and it looks very cute. 



And last but not least, we built a little stair case and platform for our 16 year old cat who is finding it hard to jump up to his cat door these days. 



So as always, we have been busy busy busy! We’ve also been doing some fine cooking, and I’m now working on trying to fit in some more exercise, and less food to try and get rid of the three extra kilos that Christmas gave me. Hopefully I will have some success.


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