See what happens when you complain?

Well. The other day I did a post complaining that my child with special needs was restricting my New Year’s Eve socialising potential. Yesterday we had a lovely time at a friends house having lunch and swimming in their pool. At one stage our son ran down their driveway to get to his daddy and managed to step on a very sharp and tiny slice of broken tile on their driveway. He screamed blue murder and there was a lot of blood. We all applied immediate first aid and the bleeding stopped after a short time and he was even able to swim again that afternoon.
Today we noticed the cut had bled again overnight and we changed all his dressings and applied some more neosporin cream and commenced setting him up for a quiet day with his foot up. We had planned a nice New Year’s Eve with mock tails and family board games. Around five o’clock we decided to check the wound again. Immediately upon removing the bandaid my husband suggested we should take him to the hospital as it just didn’t seem healed as much as we would have expected.
So New Year’s Eve was going to be in the waiting room at the children’s hospital. We figured he’d be fine. He wasn’t in much pain. No temperature. Not much complaining so we thought they might just check it out, re-dress it and we would be home before midnight. Serves me right for not just being happy with what I have. The universe sent me worse stuff than I already had except it gave the trouble to my little boy! Rude I say!
They ended up x-raying his foot and found tiny bits of ceramic tile still very deep in his foot and now I am here writing this in a chair next to his bed at 1am on new years day as we await tomorrow when he will have surgery under a general anaesthetic to try and flush out the pieces and clear any infection! Poor little man. He’s been so brave and well behaved. He’s so much more in control when he’s sick or injured. He really hates the catheter in his hand though and found it hard to fall asleep. Anyway. Happy new year to everyone and I promise not to complain about unimportant and silly things again just in case the universe sends me something to really complain about!


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5 Responses to See what happens when you complain?

  1. Ouch. I hope the surgery goes okay. Maybe, you will get to play board games next year.

  2. Otto says:

    Hi. I’m new to your blog. I read this and your previous post about social siberia and hope your son is okay. I think one thing you don’t realise before having children is how much it prevents you from spending quality time with your husband (or partner), even with children without any particular behavioural difficulties. At times I really miss having time with my husband on our own out of the house. I have two children aged 5 and 2. My 5 year old son was in hospital recently too (for five days as he got an infection in his leg) and found the cathater difficult (especially when they had to change it to his other hand). The hospital was brilliant tho for having games etc to occupy him – he didn’t want to come home! Like you say stuff like this come along to get you to keep stuff in perspective – we just don’t want too many of these ‘reminders’!

    • KL says:

      You are so right. Sometimes I say to my husband that I miss him when he’s in the same room as me! He realised one day that he missed me too and it is because we get so little time together to just talk. Or if we do, we talk about our son and plan things we need to do. Hopefully he will be out of hospital tomorrow and I will post some of the stuff that happened. Thanks for reading and I agree that only the occasional ‘reminder’ is what we need!

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