This and that and we wish you a merry Christmas!

I haven’t posted for a little while due to the rush and bother of getting prepped from the Christmas period. We’ve had some incredibly hot days here in Sydney this week just gone and our weather is kind of crazy to match the time of year. One day 40 degrees, the next down to 13. One day clear and sunny the next storms and freezing rain. One day still and calm, the next windy and blustery. So what have we been up to? Let’s see.

Mumma’s Armchair! I have posted a few times about my wish to own a lovely wing-back armchair, and how this was a dream that was very unlikely to be realised any time soon due to the extreme cost of the one I want. Well, as luck would have it, I had the bright idea to look on and I found myself a lovely armchair for only $55! The cushion on the chair I purchased elsewhere because the chair needed more back support and I thought the cushion really suited me 🙂


Ok, it’s not my ‘dream’ armchair, but it’s a start. So far I think my son and the cat have spent more time actually sitting on it than I have, but hey, that’s what armchairs are for right?

We’ve also turned our ongoing Lego nightmare into a Lego dream, which cost way more than we would have liked, but with so much Lego, and my son needing an adult to help him find the pieces all the time, I finally got sick of it all and went from this….



to this…



Apart from the fact that I took the picture today and the house is in a general mess because I’ve been pulling Christmas things out, it’s working very well in keeping Lego tidy and easy to find. Hooray!

We’ve also been doing some Christmas projects. Christmas in our house is all about the lights, tree, presents, food, jolly fat man in a red suit and general joy and singing loudly with our friends and family. We have no religious ties whatsoever to Christmas, but we still enjoy all the commercial trappings.

We made snowflakes. That was a fun exercise as my son was convinced that his would be crap because apparently he’s no good with scissors (don’t know who told him that). He produced beautiful snowflakes and was exceptionally proud of himself which was great. They are now hanging in the lounge room.



We then decorated our Christmas tree, which looks spectacular.

IMG_2039 IMG_2040 IMG_2041


We also made an Advent Calendar which caused great excitement as each day has a little present on a peg. I am rather proud of my effort in making the entire thing from scratch, and Daddy cut the wood for us, and our son painted the pegs and wood. Great job family!

IMG_2026 IMG_2027


The last thing I’ll update on today is that when the temp started soaring high last week, we decided to get the giant white puppy shaved to help him with the heat. At first he was quite happy….



The pile of his ‘wool’ was rather impressive…



Then all that grooming in over 30 degree heat was apparently exhausting, but he was much much thinner looking!



So that’s it on a general catch up of our activities! We are ready for Christmas and looking forward to all the things we need to eat, cook and build over the next couple of weeks.

I am intending to put together what I hope will be a very useful and informative post on the subject of getting kids away from reward charts and external reward systems. I mentioned it in a couple of other posts, but I think it might be helpful if I provide some clear information and examples of how to go about it, and how long it takes before you see results. Stay tuned if that is of any interest to you!

Merry Christmas!


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