Joyful viewing? Certainly Memorable Apparently…

Air Crash Investigation. My son LOOOOOOVES it! He is fascinated with planes and their inner workings of course, but there is something completely captivating for him him the drama of an Air Crash Investigation episode. He watches them on YouTube during his breaks from school work (when he’s not jumping on the trampoline). He also has a line up of toy planes on the rug so he can re-enact the whole thing during and afterwards!

The amusing thing is just how much a seven year old can absorb from these programmes. I recently had to put together a curriculum for the NSW Department of Education to show them I am covering everything they expect in my homeschooling programme. Part of what they want us to teach our children is whether they comprehend what they see or listen to and how their viewing/listening skills are. I can tell you he has no problems when it come to Air Crash Investigations.

Each break, he asks me to put on an episode. I then open up You Tube and search. I look at the titles, and sometimes I can recognise ones he’s already seen. If I don’t know, I bring up the opening clip and ask him if he’s seen it. The process goes a little something like this…

Me: “Seen this one?”

Him: no more than 20 seconds into the clip “Yep. That’s (insert correct airline and flight number). The fuselage rips off mid flight because of a weakness around a rivet.

Me: “OK” I choose another one. “How about this one?”

Him: “Yes I’ve seen that one.” They crash into a mountain over (wherever… but trust me.. he knows and tells me correctly!) because the (something or other piece of equipment fails or tells the wrong information… again, he has all the technical details and language!)

I kid you not… he can do this every day for about 5 or 6 20 second clips before we find one he hasn’t seen! It’s really quite amazing. Then if we start watching it and the plane doesn’t actually crash and there is no drama or fire or something serious, he claims that it’s too boring and could I find another one! Sheesh. He can tell you every piece of important equipment in a cockpit. He can also tell you various things that can go wrong when you are flying, and the best ways to survive such disasters. It’s crazy. At least it shows that he listens well, retains and understands what he’s watching.

The really sweet thing is that sometimes he asks me to come and watch with him, or play Air Crash Investigations with him. When he does I often say something like, “Oh, I don’t really like it when all those people die or get hurt. Then he will say, “OK don’t worry about that! There are plenty of episodes where they land safely and no one dies. We can do flight (insert name and number) where (some disaster with specifics) occurred, but the Captain landed safely and everyone survived! Awww so thoughtful of him šŸ™‚

My Mum has requested a more specific post detailing how he’s doing with his homeschooling so anyone else interested in that stay tuned over the next couple of days!


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2 Responses to Joyful viewing? Certainly Memorable Apparently…

  1. Andrea Lee says:

    The start of the making of a pilot or aircraft engineer? Or a movie director? Hmmmm

    • KL says:

      Who knows with this little one? I suspect more the movie line as he would think far too much study is involved for an engineer or pilot!

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